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Jen Hauke,

Certified Foot Reflexologist

Jen is a well-rounded healthcare professional. Her training, certification and practice as a dental assistant, as a front line dental receptionist, and level one Reiki, give her a diverse experience base and have inspired her to branch out and offer healing benefits as a Certified Foot Reflexologist.

Her ongoing membership with the OCR guides her mantra to provide holistic healing services that offer an alternate and tandem approach to traditional Western medicine.

As an accomplished healthcare professional and a mother of two, Jen experiences first hand the impact of stress on life quality. This realization ignited her lifelong passion to help people better manage the negative effects of stress on their lives.

My Methodology

I keep it simple!

I take a personal approach to get to understand you and your health history and to ascertain what your expectations are from reflexology.

The initial visit will include an intake portion that involves a give and take of information. I will seek to gain a clear picture of your health history and concerns and will offer you more detailed information on what reflexology entails.

While the treatment has a prescribed methodology, I am sensitive to the individual needs and conditions and based on the intake, I will adjust the range of pressure to what is appropriate for you.

This is done in an inviting, and comfortable atmosphere that is conducive to the relaxing benefits of the treatment. 

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